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Party Animals - Paperback SAVE from World of Ima"gina"tions
For ages 3.9... In this fun-filled delightful story, this picture book opens with a mischievous plan where Mabel throws a secret party for all her animal friends after Mama departs with her daughter Ellen for the night. When her sidekick Wolf advices her not to go with the plan, Mabel ignores his request and proceeds by telephoning all of her friends to join her in this evening's festivity. As the night explodes with loud music and laughter, an uninvited animal friend requests that he joins the party. During their celebration, a nosy neighbor notifies Mama at once and the mood quickly shifts to a panic. Illustrated by Somnath Chatterjee, his bright, bold artwork brings all their beloved characters to life while eliciting suspense with a pleasant mix of laughter.
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Yummy in my TummyComing Soon
An easy to read children’s book that introduces children to your not-so-ordinary fruits. This story entertains the reader with a repetitious phrase, YUMMY IN MY TUMMY, and makes reading engaging, enjoyable, and fun.
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Diamond's Lucky Penny –  Kindle  - Paperback SAVE from World of Ima"gina"tions
Who would have ever thought a young, wealthy, kind, generous man would become his own worst enemy - bitter, selfish and heartless to the people around him? In this story, when Marcel's mother dies, he finds support from a homeless old lady he assumes, guides him through his sorrows and happiness.

For ages 3-9... Have you ever found a lucky penny and thought your day would be "fortunate?" In this circular story, when Diamond wakes up to go to school, he discovers a "lucky penny" in his bedroom floor and places it in his pocket. Series of "accidental events" happens in this tale when Diamond realizes not only he did not get injured but, another day will approach with similar events.
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Invisible Blanket (The) Now Available - Kindle Edition - Paperback SAVE from World of Ima"gina"tions
Have you ever wished you could become invisible and spy on your family or friends? That's exactly what Dylan and Charlie did when they discovered an invisible blanket during their camping trip. In this story, the two boys push their luck and find becoming invisible comes with consequences.

Clever Hen (The) Kindle - Paperback SAVE from World of Ima"gina"tions
For ages 3-9...Have you ever known anyone who thought they were too smart for their own good? In this short story, when one of the farm animals (Ms. Cleever) thinks she is too bright for the other hens in the chicken coop, including the farm animals, she begins to mock them and treat them rude. As the months passed, Ms. Cleever gets the surprise of her life and is singled out. Will her fellow hens, including the farm animals, help her? Find out in this beautifully written children’s book.
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Sasha and the Magic Pen (The) - Kindle  Kk- Paperback SAVE from World of Ima"gina"tions
Ages 8 and up... Have you ever wished you could trace a friend from your favorite story and they would magically appear? "Sasha and the Magic Pen" is a short story about a ten year old girl named Sasha who accidently discovers the true magic of a pen she found buried in the school playground. After Sasha realizes that Ursa, the friend she drew from the story will not only vanish from every book, but the story will become a reality if she does not get her friend back into the story. Young readers will be entertained and surprised as the story unfolds in a way that no one could have imagined.
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White Gorilla and Three Chimpanzees... a day from the zoo (The) - Kindle  Kk- Paperback SAVE from World of Imagination
4 and up - The White Gorilla and the Three Chimpanzees a day from the zoo is an adventure picture book about how the ape and his friends visit the "human world" only to find themselves mistaken for other characters. This adventure book will surely keep your child guessing beyond his or her imagination.